Desktop CNCs can create a lot of dust which becomes airborne and may present a health hazard.  Many dust shoe designs are mounted to the spindles of desktop CNCs causing additional stress and cantilever on the Z axis which may affect the cutting qualities and accuracy of the machine.

We developed the Rear of Gantry Dust Collection System after being dissatisfied and becoming frustrated with the ‘Typical’ dust boot connected to the spindle on desktop CNC machines.

The ROG CNC Dust Shoe was developed to meet many criteria which current commercial dust shoes on the market do not offer.  We have developed this design and tested it in a production environment for three years making improvements and improving performance with each iteration.

We have developed a process to bring the dust collection system to market which is available with some or all options for those who do not have time or may not wish to build and source their own dust shoe.

Our first design release is for the Shapeoko SO3, SO3XL, & SO3XXL. The standard SO3 can be modified to relocate the Carbide Motion Controller to the Y Axis rails to allow the ROG CNC Dust Shoe to work on the original size SO3. We offer kits to modify the stock SO3 for use with the ROG CNC Dust Shoe.